What politicians could be doing to lead the pack…

Below is the letter I wrote to a semi local person wanting to be a county representative and was interested in my support. I basically asked him to put his money where his mouth is and… never heard back.


Hi! I would love to see a Castpoints framework used in the political area by people of integrity!  You would naturally be able to shift discussion from rhetoric to useful action and fact based reference points. It would send shockwaves to the top levels while attracting lots of popular support since people would know that for once they were not being used and abused.

If interested, I did a blog post on Castpoints applied to gov.

A few basic practical principles were actually implemented via “Sandy Springs, Georgia: The City that Outsourced Everything” with great results.

One thing you can do to instantly differentiate yourself from the whole political spectrum is say something like, “I will get XYZ roads fixed up to this xyz standard, by 12/31/2016, or else xyz charity gets half my liquid net worth and I spend 30 days in jail at night and pick up trash during the day.. You won’t have the support of a built Castpoints framework to protect you from people wanting to see you fail so you would have to be a bit crafty. But you might be the first politician in history that attaches an “or else” to their promises. It could be a big media event too — like you give the local sheriff, and or, favorite local charity, the cash to hold as escrow.

Now you undeniably have skin in the game and will be known as the one politician  who puts his money where his mouth is.

Hope this helps! Jeff