Castpoints use case: proactive EMS in schools

A topic that is foremost in every parent’s mind is their child’s safety, (particularly while on school grounds).

Here are a few facts:
• Active shooter events have nearly tripped in the past 7 years.(2)
• The five highest casualty events since 2000 happened despite police arriving on scene in about 3 minutes (which is considered fast).
• Current communication and organization options are poor.

After 15 years of working on this very issue, I finally have a solution: An advanced, yet simple, communication system that works on any cell phone, and cuts response time to under 10 seconds: “Castpoints.”

When I talk with parents about how Castpoints could:
• Reduce a school’s overall risk.
• Greatly reduce casualties.
• Is transparent, yet protects privacy.
• Is built on the proven(3) Incident Command System, which provides a standardized approach for incident management, regardless of cause, size, location, or complexity of the event.
They universally blurt, “I want that!”

A few taps on any phone to change a status to “Emergency, active shooter” immediately messages teachers, staff, parents, EMS, everyone, who then update their status and location. Now everyone can immediately, and independently, tell where the issue is, and IS NOT, and act. The key is that relationships are established BEFORE the incident, so:
• A trusted chain of command is in place.
• Frantic people do not need to ponder who and how they message. The Castpoints expert liaison structure automatically does this.
• Half of these incidents end by unarmed citizens. Now they know exactly where to go.
• Police don’t just “arrive on scene”, They also know exactly where to go.
• Seconds count: saving a minute can save 10 kids.(1)
• A campus can be declared secure very quickly, speeding help to the injured.


It’s crazy to expect school staff to correctly make intense life and death decisions in seconds while under fire with only 4 hours of yearly training. With Castpoints, there is no more, “If only I did…” Teachers don’t have to wait for central authority to make good decisions. They can act in seconds. Plus, an offsite Incident Commander, with their massive resources, can instruct school staff to get kids to safety, while directing others to confront the shooter, all within seconds.

Most incident systems are only for professionals, and cost a lot of money. Schools normally broadcast simple messages that parents can’t respond too. In a real emergency, the office will be flooded with calls. The Castpoints liaison messaging system means there is no need to call the office because the best info about a parent’s kid, and the situation in general, is already on the parent’s phone in seconds.

Castpoints can manage other incidents as well such as broken bones, earthquakes, drills, and emergency supplies (that are often out of date).

I’m wondering if you might be available to discuss this simple, free (for schools), and professional way to secure schools.

I’ll be upfront by saying that I have successfully coded 20% of Castpoints. I have done this all with my savings and free time. However, now I am at a point where it’s become essential to outsource some of the funding so I can hire help and finish this much needed system within 5 months.

This system can provide life changing results for schools that I hope one day will be incorporated into schools nation wide.

All the best, Jeff Fitzmyers, MS

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