Traction examples

When I explain to parents how Castpoints would help protect their kid(s), they universally blurt, “I want that!”

~…performance management system… The standard annual interview doesn’t fit anymore…It’s a very big transformation… since it has been announced, I have received tons of mail and requests for information on how we’re going to do it… It seems that most of the companies, large and small, are looking for a new way of driving performance management…. Feedback is given in realtime after the project is done….Simplify criteria. Get back to what matters. Should not be more than 3 or 4 metrics. 20 is not better than four. – Pierre Nanterme, Accenture’s CEO

How cool is that!?!!? People are hungry for more effective performance reviews. AND Mr. Nanterme understands that 3 to 4 variables are all you need to create! BUT, the performance is still at the end of a project. It should be transparent and realtime DURING the project.

Wouldn’t it be valuable if each role had a summery page like this? All the critical info of everything, at every scale at a glance.

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