Cooperation and willful ignorance

How will Castpoints remedy the inefficiencies in your family?

My family: Castpoints does not fix “willful ignorance”. It makes that expensive though. It also very much helps with interactions with people who have personality disorders etc., because by default, CP provides good boundaries. So normal people can’t really get hurt by narcissists (whatever), unless they want too. And people who have minor psychological issues can make great progress in letting go of the baggage in a supportive environment. In fact, all of our defenses are triggered much less, which is a big and relaxing help. And when we do get triggered / overwhelmed, the cause is much easier to consciously know since it takes a lot of work to blame others.

I think Axelrod showed that the only proven method of cooperation is tit for tat. (At least when I researched this a while back.)

1) In an environment that is totally fragmented, where the chances of never seeing a thing again are very low, the best strategy when meeting a new thing is to take all their resources if possible. This describes the a stew of elements and compounds, no biological life.

We would be forever stuck here except for Alex Wissner-Gross’s “intelligence”. There are not a lot of options in the above system. But there is natural urging to get more options so “history” is created: DNA.
The status of life’s 3 initial conditions:
– Some of context. But a minimum of history. Basically velocity.
– Private property. Hydrogen and oxygen have to be intact in order to make H2O successfully.
– Adding value first is not apparent since this is a linear Newtonian environment. No free will
2) If there is a moderate chance of seeing the person again — meaning there is a memory / history / reputation available — it might be better to cooperate at first. But if person A decides to not cooperate with person B, person B will get slightly hurt, but will not interact with person A until person A cooperates “enough” times in a row so that person B can trust in small interactions.

In life right now, we have to risk getting hurt in order to get what we want. But we can keep this risk very small and nip further risk in the bud, if we don’t have a victim mentality. If we do, this spirals down into a victim bully relationship. By default, Castpoints breaks this cycle, partly due to transparency which is also a metaphor for making the unconscious conscious.

The status of life’s 3 initial conditions:
– Sloppy context because private property…
– Private property. Apparent free will can ignore boundaries. We don’t “have” to be in strict alignment with intelligence. We can “be stupid”.
– Adding value first, or at least often becomes a popular and successful strategy.

3) If there is a robust reputation, it’s almost always better to cooperate, unless the interaction was truly not good.
This is why the vast number of ebay ratings are 5 stars. But market fragmentation means that ebay ratings usually don’t matter too much outside of ebay.
The status of life’s 3 initial conditions: incrementally better than #2. But when markets are integrated…
4) When all markets are integrated, it does not pay to be a jerk and mess up your reputation at all! THe beeter your reputation in each context, And, since everyone knows that, they only want to deal with you on Castpoints since that is by far the simplest way for them to reduce uncertainty (protect themselves).
The status of life’s 3 initial conditions:
– Excellent context.
– Private property intact.
– Adding value first is the best way to make money and have fun.

LinkedIn is a website all about “work”, yet getting a job there is mostly really hard!

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3 initial conditions and content and context

(Just my musings, not necessarily fact!)

A robot that runs and swims like a salamander.

There are four main components behind animal locomotion. The first component is just the body, and in fact we should never underestimate to what extent the ***BIOMECHANICS*** already simplify locomotion in animals. Then you have the spinal cord, and in the spinal cord you find ****REFLEXES***, multiple reflexes that create a sensorimotor coordination loop between neural activity in the spinal cord and mechanical activity. A third component are central ***PATTERN*** generators. These are very interesting circuits in the spinal cord of vertebrate animals that can generate, by themselves, very coordinated rhythmic patterns of activity while receiving only ***very simple input signals***. And these input signals coming from descending modulation from higher parts of the brain, like the motor cortex, the cerebellum, the basal ganglia, will all modulate activity of the spinal cord while we do locomotion. But what’s interesting is to what extent just a low-level component, the spinal cord, together with the body, already solve a big part of the locomotion problem. You probably know it by the fact that you can cut the head off a chicken, it can still run for a while, showing that just the lower part, spinal cord and body, already solve a big part of locomotion.
3 things!

And I think it’s really beautiful how nature hasDISTRIBUTED CONTROL to really give a lot of responsibility to the spinal cord so that the upper part of the brain doesn’t need to worry about every muscle. It just has to worry about this high-level modulation, and it’s really the job of the spinal cord to coordinate all the muscles.

And we found ***THREE*** important criteria in the properties, basically, of the limbs. The first one is that a cat limb more or less looks like a pantograph-like ***STRUCTURE***. So a pantograph is a mechanical structure which keeps the upper segment and the lower segments always parallel. So a simple geometrical system that kind of coordinates a bit the internal movement of the segments. A second property of cat limbs is that they are very ***LIGHTWEIGHT***. Most of the muscles are in the trunk, which is a good idea, because then the limbs have low inertia and can be moved very rapidly. The last final important property is this very ***ELASTIC*** behavior of the cat limb, so to handle impacts and forces.


When I say Castpoints helps things be better by people doing what they would normally be doing anyway, this is partly what I mean! The researchers did not need a lot of feedback, nor AI, when the design was correct at the basic physics / structural level. Then they can have a very concise manifestation, which has a low part count so it’s easy to make, and maintain, including the economics. This is why castpoints has such minuscule overhead!!

How do you see what did Castpoints do for me today?

I don’t have a clue since I am not you 🙂

But in general CP ~= Life, slightly abstracted. So CP took care of all the basic stuff in your life (walking, digestion, enough money to get through the day, etc.) so you could do the more interesting and unique stuff.

Should know cuz yer Castpoints.

Me personally, I can’t know what’s going on with other people because I’m at their level, and am not them. But I can do the right thing by them due to emergence, but I won’t necessarily understand what or why I’m doing something until hindsight kicks in, if ever. I’m just doing what I’m inspired to do.

That’s a main problem with all this wealth redistribution / taxes / “helping others” stuff. People think they know what’s best for other people. This violates the initial condition of private property. The flip side of this is that you can only get what you want 2 ways:
– Indicate what you want
– Let emergence flow to you what you want.

The reality is that most people don’t know what they want at all. Worse, they think they do, but really don’t. When they get it, they find out they wanted something deeper. So it’s a much better strategy to align with their internal spirit / divinity / whatever is “bigger than them” (this is asking for connection to a node higher, the “parent” role, because this role has more perspective of the bigger pattern). Then they stop running around toward the latest fad / away from suffering and align with what works. This creates a better ROI and then creates more emergence for one’s personal life.

In other words, what is truly best for a person is by definition best for everything else. 🙂

It looks like you propose the same thing as “helping others” stuff, except doing a better job at it…parentally, from the collective wants.

Helping others is a by product of helping myself. My efforts go into divinities’ pattern, then get mixed / matched / abstracted / etc., then can go other people.

Sound familiar? When CP is facilitating content ranking, the money goes into a dividend fund for a week then is dispersed. This abstraction, or distancing and mixing is critical so that fraud can’t happen.

When things mix away from us, that is critical so that we don’t project our crap onto others. In other words, we can go full tilt on helping ourselves and it will only make everything better. When the communists say, “each according to their needs”, they are right. They just don’t know how to actually do that in a workable way. Whoever gets to allocate those resources is unlikely to be a true saint which is why the whole thing falls apart.

A true saint, or Paladin, ~always does the right thing at the right time no mater what because they are very strongly aligned with divinity. They don’t have an addiction to a “narrative” / “meaning”. They just do the right thing at the right time, and then do the next right thing. There are supposedly only about a handful of people that have that high of consciousness on the planet at this time.

When I say parentally, I only mean perhaps one or 2 nodes bigger. We tend to label that stuff “the Father” and “the Mother”.

What money goes into the dividend fund?  The weekly offering?

When people rate stuff, they back their rating with money. That’s conviction! This money goes into the dividend fund which is paid out weekly to those who have added the most value within a context. Unlike most all the other ranking systems on the internet, this can’t be games since it has a time lag and transparency. Dirt simple, yet extremely effective.

How is ranking content related to enlightenment?
It’s not, directly. It’s just people indicating what has had value for them personally. The emergent properties (mostly) takes care of the rest.
How are  needs negotiated relative to others, across the
span of needs?

Negotiation is in the form of orders. Specific offers on all sides until 2 or more trigger. Again, totally simple, yet very clear and very effective all while minimizing uncertainty.

Your proposed social formation is a Church of Software Divinity, “CSD”.
It’s really just “life” correctly computerized.
Prayers  are submitted in the form of “orders” and there must be faith in the delivery of the Divinity’s will.

Yes, but you don’t need faith very long because you will see results quickly. In fact, that is partly an indicator of how aligned a person is: the rate at which they experience effective emergent things. This does not mean everything is happy though. Can’t learn courage unless you are in some sort of scary situation. Etc. “Effective” can mean effectively learning courage by getting in a scary situation (opportunity) and being courageous.

Interesting idea.

Yes, and it’s the tip of the iceberg 🙂

I can see already that I would need to set greater weight to the word of the divinity  over my intentions…
Church members must be obedient to the “word” of the software divinity.
The ego always ascribes some form of subjugation to what things bigger than itself “means”. That’s how we get past ego: stop ascribing “meanings” left right and center. Meaning implies direct causality, which is true in a linear system. It’s not true in a non linear system. If you have a lot of time, you can reverse engineer a logical path from manifestation back to impulse in an emergent system, but there are many paths. Which one is the right meaning? The answer is dependent on each local point of view. So suddenly there are billions of meanings. When there is a high supply of something, it’s generally less valuable in many contexts.
This is why “meaning” really does not matter in the higher vibration realms. And why therapists have you go back and “reframe” what a trauma meant to a person. Meaning only has local value. So when we look down at ants, we don’t really value them and what they mean, except if we see the universal patterns in them. Then a resonance happens that makes us feel good. That why there are “many paths home”. The patterns are ubiquitous, and we see the ones that are closest to our preferences. The ones further away from what we know, or the ones too close that we think we know, are harder to see.
Our personal intentions are simply a subset of divinity. Why not go to the source? Pain is generally just a message we are out of alignment, within our context.. When things feel truly good, that is a message we are generally on course, within our context.
I have reflected a bit on the Saturday meeting and some of Audrey D Grays’ stuff. It’s all based on the physical level. To be effective, things will very likely have to be more integrated with the emotional / psychology and spiritual realms. Their is no pill in our context because we have a hard time accepting the truth. When we can accept the truth, we won’t need a pill.
I have a friend in Mt Shasta. I have known her for a number of years. She often goes up on Mt Shasta by herself for a few weeks at a time with only a blanket. One time she literally came back looking 15-20 years younger. She’s around 55-65 now. But you would think she is 35. Her vibration is so high, some people literally can’t see her. People have walked right past her and come up to me asking for Grace. Only when I pointed her out 15 feet away, did the person actually “see” her. A quote of hers:
“Creation exists as the expression of the One Being, Which is Pure Consciousness, longing to realize Itself. This longing, this realization is Love…”

How is bad data and bad  ranking excluded?

It simply fades away from nonuse. Sound familiar? Anything not valued is deleted in around a week to a month.

Facebook gets 1 million reports per day, about vilolations.

That many violations, and how much money they have to spend on dealing with it is just a readout of hw incomplete their system is.

I am the source of my universe, no where else to go for source.

Right, but we say that, yet we don’t act like that. If we did, we would all be saints / paladins / enlightened. To the degree we source from our internal Source, we are effective / have high ROI / however it’s defined.

How  do we contact her?

I don’t know, other than going to Mt Shasta and asking around. She does not do technology. And she is not talkative. She is all about silence. And she does her own thing. Communication is basically spiritual. She is a very dear friend and I have spend many hours with her in the past on many occasions (mostly in groups), but we have literally only talked for about 5 mins. She does not “do” stuff. She just “is”. If we asked stuff of her she would just give us a hug and drift to the next person and be with them for a bit.

Here is one of Dr David Hawkins’ main contributions. Not saying it is right, just that it helps me understand for now. It show things are relative. If we are at guilt and can rise to anger, that is “good” and feels good and is empowering. It is not a mistake. If we are at reason and drop to anger, that is “bad” and feels like we did something wrong and need to make amends. 1,000 (Jesus, Buddha, etc) is the highest vibration a physical body can tolerate and still be here. Grace is probably in the 800’s. There are only a few people at that level incarnated at this time, supposedly. One level is not better than another level. They just are. And higher levels do not get you a free pass from pain. In fact, if you get out of alignment, you can blow up bigger. Many guru’s do this. They get into love and joy, then have sex with many their followers. Then they drop down below 200. 200 is the line in the sand (phase change) of non integrity to integrity. 600 is the phase change of linear to non linear.
Note that the level of enlightenment is really a role. That role houses and manifests  God view, life view, etc.
Knowing where someone is at is trivial. Look at how they view God, how they view life, what emotions they offer in relationships (“Offer” as compared to “reflect”!!!), and what there process (system) or relating to life is.
People at the level of fear PROJECT this onto everything. So God is punitive, life is frightening, they have a lot of anxiety, and a main defense pattern is withdrawal. We get locked into our level partly because our friends are at the same level and we keep projecting back and forth the same level of stuff which creates and reenforces our “reality”.
I think that is one main purpose of death. To give us a clean slate to try again. Otherwise we (and all of life) would all devolve into a black hole. We need death, a reset button, because we have free will and can choose to think we, specifically only we, are source. That is true, but only in our local context. We are also fractals which are interconnected so our personal source is also a synergy of all sources. On the negative, we think we are all that is — God — having dominion over everything.  This is all in the movies and our politics where we project power greater than 2 nodes away. Where ONE person saves the day by destroying ONE “bad” guy. It’s just a victim / bully duality we are working out on the collective consciousness fractal.
Right now, people are rejecting the central control father figure and embracing autonomy. Basically society is a teenager rebelling and just now getting their self identity, and so will soon reintegrate with the Father and the Mother. CP is facilitating this process. The singularity is a milestone denoting when the process settles in. It does not really have to do with robots and skynet. That’s just a projection.  It has to do with integration 🙂

calibrated conciseness.jpg

What is an example of a content and a context?

Content is me saying to you, “nine”. What se that mean? is it 9 degrees, 9 items, 9 o’clock, 9%, 9/10’s. Is it a number or German for no?  Does that 9 really mean yes? WTF?

In physics, content is a value, context is specifically provided by the units and the equation. Relationships are slight because linearity is predominant and history is slight. We can see evidence of history in the water crystal images. But they are very ephemeral.

In biology, content is any “thing”. Context is both provided by the environment and relationships and is the environment and relationships. Relationships are prominent because there is a strong history present.

You believe this philosophy can be coded into software?

I try not to do “beliefs”. They are just filters for “600” and below. I try to go to the source. As near as I can tell, I’m not describing a philosophy, I’m describing life. It is already coded. I am only mimicking that code so we can use it more directly.

Philosophy is a “study of”. That’s at the consciousness level around 400 “wise, meaningful, reason, understanding, abstraction”. I studied it. Now I’m making a product that has a consciousness level around 540, “One [integration of all markets], complete, [includes conflict resolution & reputation (past), next steps (best proven future)], joy [it’s literally a joy to use], serenity [is produced since we are not in survival mode anymore, transfiguration [the energy put toward spin and fraud is put toward creation].

That organized content and context.

The next step is the Singularity. Then we are the software and the hardware; the content and context.

Maybe we’re constantly inventing it. There’s a concept in neuroscience that consciousness is “metastable”: constantly collapsing and re-emerging. Maybe there is an analogy to culture. Zizek’s documentary on ideology talks about the invisibility of ideology, similar to David Foster Wallace’s “water” in his Kenyon College speech.
A better “what to do”  is yet to be invented.
This isn’t a very good image, but it begins to get the point across. It suggests we do best when a bit uncomfortable. (It uses “chaos” more to mean chaotic — spazzing out and blowing up, not in the sense of chaos of complex dynamic systems. )This is why it’s cross cultural (I think) to have a joker / court jester role in society. Their role is to say / do what others are afraid to say / do. To get people out of their comfort zones.
One example people like to use is that when driving, adding a bit of randomness to your steering direction is how we keep the car stable. It’s an unconscious thing. If we hold the wheel rigid, the car won’t stay in a straight trajectory. Basically the initial condition of direction is constantly being reset because you can never get it set right to last over many iterations (miles).
“What to do” is well known. Meditation, just breathing, yoga, thai ch, therapy, witnessing, EMDR, belief deconstruction, gratitude, massage… They all slow a person down so they can sit with a discomfort long enough to process it so it’s not an unfinished trauma that continues to run the persons life unconsciously. Castpoints does this to by using
– blunt, inescapable feedback
– constantly suggesting things that will relax the knot of trauma.
– employing small steps so that mistakes can be corrected before they blow up.
– fewer distractions.
Why I keep labeling Castpoints a phase change is because it puts each of us, and all the fractals of groups, clans, societies, right at the triple point where, say, water can be a solid, liquid, and gas almost concurrently. Why is that important? Alex W. G. again: That maximizes future options within a context. Very slight changes in decisions (initial conditions) can put things on wildly different paths.
At the triple point, things have a history, but are no longer tied to it. Even a physical history becomes non physical  This is a maximum point of freedom. Another way of saying this in a typical context is that at the triple point “meaning” is not fixed. So we can more easily revisit traumas, heal them, and move on.
Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 8.17.41 AM.png
For those interested in life extension, so far they mainly talk about very physical things, stem cells, telomeres, etc., which is fine. But the non physical stuff is much more challenging and is part of the “nurture” of the nature. So once we have a pill to “reverse age”, it will likely work much better on high vibration people compared to lower vibration people. In the link above, my Mt Shasta friend reverse aged at least 15 years in a period of about 2 weeks perhaps because her vibration was so high she did not need a pill. Perhaps that’s the real fountain of youth (root word vital force). A way to have more vital force is to align with source. Then more source can flow through your pattern which then renews the whole thing.
“As above, so below.” Many suggest, and that’s what E=mc^2 says, that the higher vibrations are stepped down in order to manifest matter.
In graphology, the study of handwriting, if your personality changes your handwriting will pretty much instantly change. Or you can change your handwriting and your personality will change. But his direction is much slower and takes consistent effort. We have to “add” enough energy to the writing to induce the psychological change. Whereas a psychological change effortlessly flows downhill to physical manifestation.
I can’t just realize I’m upset about something and go to a website on the internet and just get direct help / healing. There are plenty of websites that will talk about grieving, letting go, acceptance, etc. But nothing at all like how I can go to Amazon, buy something and get it.
If there was one, it would likely be shunned like how telling people you are seeing a therapist often instantly creates a red flag.
CP avoids all this due to it’s integration. It manages all the basic physical stuff of “where are my toys, resources, kids, how do I organize them, what do they need”, but also all the emotional, and spiritual stuff related to that. There is nothing like this on the net at all right now.
It’s non threatening because you just do what you normally do with managing resources and communication via Castpoints, — that’s all linear and familiar. The specific output is also linear and familiar: move people here, try these tasks, etc. The expert non linear / emergence manifests in the middle:
– What output was suggested.
– No barriers to entry.
– Low risk next steps.
– Lots of support.
– Less energy needed to do mundane tasks, so more energy available for creative endeavors that are also more in alignment with people’s internal source.
In other words, CP will be the non physical complement to the regeneration pill. 🙂