December snippets

The loyalty & rewards market is over a trillion dollar sector per year and is global. It has no boundaries and is not subject to significant regulation or scrutiny. Everyone has loyalty points of some sort, and our data shows that over 59% of loyalty points are unused or unclaimed. In the U.S. alone, there are 3.3B loyalty programs (that’s 29 per household) and less than half are actively used. – Gokturk

CP has a huge royalty emphasis. It’s partly how copyright is taken car of. Loyalty and royalty are close..

Working with spectrum kids. There is an economic duality. “why should a ton of money be spent on getting 1 kid to learn basic stuff, when that kid is always going to be reliant on others. If we spent the same amount of money on a typical kid, the would totally excel.” So in CP, you don’t have to choose like that. It’s more like The Tekos school – to really learn something, you teach it to others. So now the non typical kid is automatically socially included because the typicals don’t always get easy kids to teach. And everyone gets to go at their own pace.


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