1.01 CP movie: Opening scene: introductions

A small group of kids doing complex acapela (mostly) with patty cake hands. Focus is on the hands and faces. Background is an integration of nature and buildings. Camera spins around all of them in a lemniscate. Focus fades to just the hands that are creating complex abstract flower designs.

Light background music.

Scene A – introduction of builders.
Night with a full moon. Fade from black to couple kissing by an open campfire on a hill. It’s date night. There is a country bouquet of flowers nearby. At the bottom of the frame is the would “Builders”. Pause a few seconds, then the parents stop kissing, feel concerned, and look toward home. Camera follows their look and swoops down the valley to their house in the middle of the field. The camera goes past a bunch of black gov SUV’s and swat teams into the house, past a wall painted with humming birds feeding on flowers. the house is warm, creative and happy. Then down stairs through a opening to a tunnel that is slowly closing up via a silver sheen. Camera zooms into the silver and sees millions of nano bots building a wall of dirt. Camera zooms out, follows the tunnel until it comes to a couple.

The 20 year old girl is the child of the first couple. The 20 year old guy is her boyfriend. She is fiddling with a sled type thing and getting into it. He is checking a screen and says, “Exit seems clear.” He joins her. They both have a big grin as she puts the sled in motion. It rockets down perfectly straight rails at about 80 mph. The camera snaps back to the campfire that is now out and a packed up camp site. Camera fades to black.

Scene B — into of heart
Camera fades to guy mediating and flows toward his heart. Camera fades to the color of his shirt which is green. Camera unfades to the guy in a grotto (his heart of hearts)

Scene C — intro of organizers


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