1.0 CP movie: Synopsis

Mountain Roots Grow Trees That Are Wolves

Blockbuster action archetype style that integrates: NANOTECH + SINGULARITY + LIGHT… And no one gets hurt. A positive story about how humans and information might not just coexist, but thrive.  3 sets of archetypes working independently, yet interdependently without knowing it:

Hands – Builders of nano tech and other things. They are a family and make stuff.
Head – Design of how things are organized. Also a family and they code how things intersect, decide, and act. Permission, control, systems, etc. 2 twins do most of the work (I and O). Basically as progress follows Moore’s Law and we reach the Singularity, their software provides the scaffold that everything uses to interact win-win.
Heart – Power of inspiration, trust, and doing the right thing. Integrating heaven and earth. A runner at the top of the game. Super nice guy, uses multiple sources to excel. Keeps quiet, falls in love with a raven haired tall sports announcer. He uses infatuation to go faster. He uses everything to accomplish the goal, including real heart marketing.

Of course “Control” tries to intercede, but the trend has changed and often very humorously fails.


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