Cooperation and willful ignorance

How will Castpoints remedy the inefficiencies in your family?

My family: Castpoints does not fix “willful ignorance”. It makes that expensive though. It also very much helps with interactions with people who have personality disorders etc., because by default, CP provides good boundaries. So normal people can’t really get hurt by narcissists (whatever), unless they want too. And people who have minor psychological issues can make great progress in letting go of the baggage in a supportive environment. In fact, all of our defenses are triggered much less, which is a big and relaxing help. And when we do get triggered / overwhelmed, the cause is much easier to consciously know since it takes a lot of work to blame others.

I think Axelrod showed that the only proven method of cooperation is tit for tat. (At least when I researched this a while back.)

1) In an environment that is totally fragmented, where the chances of never seeing a thing again are very low, the best strategy when meeting a new thing is to take all their resources if possible. This describes the a stew of elements and compounds, no biological life.

We would be forever stuck here except for Alex Wissner-Gross’s “intelligence”. There are not a lot of options in the above system. But there is natural urging to get more options so “history” is created: DNA.
The status of life’s 3 initial conditions:
– Some of context. But a minimum of history. Basically velocity.
– Private property. Hydrogen and oxygen have to be intact in order to make H2O successfully.
– Adding value first is not apparent since this is a linear Newtonian environment. No free will
2) If there is a moderate chance of seeing the person again — meaning there is a memory / history / reputation available — it might be better to cooperate at first. But if person A decides to not cooperate with person B, person B will get slightly hurt, but will not interact with person A until person A cooperates “enough” times in a row so that person B can trust in small interactions.

In life right now, we have to risk getting hurt in order to get what we want. But we can keep this risk very small and nip further risk in the bud, if we don’t have a victim mentality. If we do, this spirals down into a victim bully relationship. By default, Castpoints breaks this cycle, partly due to transparency which is also a metaphor for making the unconscious conscious.

The status of life’s 3 initial conditions:
– Sloppy context because private property…
– Private property. Apparent free will can ignore boundaries. We don’t “have” to be in strict alignment with intelligence. We can “be stupid”.
– Adding value first, or at least often becomes a popular and successful strategy.

3) If there is a robust reputation, it’s almost always better to cooperate, unless the interaction was truly not good.
This is why the vast number of ebay ratings are 5 stars. But market fragmentation means that ebay ratings usually don’t matter too much outside of ebay.
The status of life’s 3 initial conditions: incrementally better than #2. But when markets are integrated…
4) When all markets are integrated, it does not pay to be a jerk and mess up your reputation at all! THe beeter your reputation in each context, And, since everyone knows that, they only want to deal with you on Castpoints since that is by far the simplest way for them to reduce uncertainty (protect themselves).
The status of life’s 3 initial conditions:
– Excellent context.
– Private property intact.
– Adding value first is the best way to make money and have fun.

LinkedIn is a website all about “work”, yet getting a job there is mostly really hard!

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