Voting proponent throws in the towel

Even “Vote Or Die” Movement Leader P.Diddy Admits “This Whole [Voting] $hit Is A Scam”

Voting is simply not a great way of communicating nor allocating resources. It’s a structural and scale issue. Small groups of people can use “voting” well enough because there are many of other things going on in the background. But once there are “a lot” of people voting for one person, there is no way to actually hold people accountable, on either end, since the distance between them (chance of interaction) is too great, and we can only have meaningful social interactions with about 150 people.

Communication modes:
Mature and effective within the proper context:
1) 1 to 1 (email)
2) 1 to many (TV, radio)
Not mature and not yet effective because there is no structure. It’s flat and so has little context.
3) ~Many individuals to many individuals (peer 2 peer)
Mature and terrible
4) Many to one (voting)
Grouping things requires structured relationships — a taxonomy. Once things are grouped, the groups can then effectively employ the top 3 communication strategies.

The simple solution: Mimic nature: group things. This is why fractals are everywhere in nature. Once things are grouped, they can effectively interact on any scale.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 9.51.54 AM

Suppose fees are collected by the “city” at the point of sale. If people don’t like it, they can move to a different city! The city then negotiates with the state for goods and services. And the states negotiate with the feds. Now everyone is negotiating and competing with a manageable number of other people. These are structural checks and balances that are nearly impossible to game, not legislated, which are easy to game.

Why people’s laws don’t work: “They possess the power to write a law, but they lack the power to enforce it against the trend or human nature.” — Martin Armstrong

Why do nature’s laws work: Billions of years of evolution.

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