State of the EMS industry: needs much more integration

FaceBook’s Safety Check is billed as very helpful, yet it’s only one data point broadcast without real context. Imagine how effective a real peer 2 peer system would be.

Putting the Right Information on Twitter in a Crisis

… the information people find most important tends to be hazard impact information, guidance information, and advisory information – in other words, what people should do or not do in order to protect themselves… Yes, there is misinformation… In smaller localities, one of the problems we hear from emergency managers is that scanning social media during crisis events is like drinking from a fire hose.

There are solutions — but people may not like them. One is sending out a sequence of messages, not just one. Some people don’t like getting a series of messages. We’re also investigating the effectiveness of adding a graphic or image attached to a tweet that might give more information. The third option is attaching a link, but we’ve found that when there’s a link included in a Twitter message, it decreases the likelihood that people will pass it on.

Those are very basic “solutions”! There is no effective communication system in place.

“Volunteers always show up after disaster.” And how does one know what skills they bring? How trustworthy are they? What EMS resources are required to manage them?

“…volunteers who are doing mapping or coding, they need to be really cautious about their mental health.” Also, Emergency responders face an increasing number of calls involving people with behavioral and mental health issues. This whole aftermath area is largely undressed at all.

Once a fully integrated communication and allocation system like Castpoints is available, people can be much more effective and have better piece of mind.


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