More people who get it

Moonshot Education Project: An autonomous, self-schooling platform 650 million children have little to no access to quality education, over 50 million will never even go to school… The radical solution is to build an autonomous self-schooling platform that can empower these children to teach themselves and empower them to become the teachers of their peers.

Clash of Linear vs. Exponential
What’s a linear system? Think governments, politicians, regulators, large and slow-moving legacy companies, and the like…

What’s an exponential system? You. Today’s exponential entrepreneurs. Silicon Valley startups. Fast-moving innovators and disruptors that want to change the game.

Sound familiar!?!?

An email I sent. I think I getting a bit better at” selling it”.

Hi, We are on the same page with knowing that non linear is outcompeting linear!

I’m not the entrepreneur who is creating yet another semi non linear service like Uber (not even peer 2 peer, yet).

I’m the guy who is creating a collaborative universal commerce system that makes non linear systems, and their emergent properties, available to everyone as they go about their day. Keys:
– Ubiquitous integration. Castpoints is a rewrite of all commerce, sans bureaucracy. This amount of integration engenders many emergent properties. Like being able to solve any open ended problem, without even a goal.
– Autonomous classification system. For scope and context — what Google lacks. With context, all data is addressable. This makes the Internet Of Things manageable. And it’s how the dainty and mighty can safely coexist.

Visions of the future are plentiful… Castpoints is HOW we get there.

After 15 years (off & on), and most of my savings, Castpoints is 20% coded, and 90% designed. But… I’m now selling solar panels to make ends meet 🙂

With $200,000 for 2 good coders and 3 months we could have a system where anyone can manage, at any scope, any resource: people, goods, work, info, locations.

I was rejected at Singularity U. Even though everyone says they want disruption, it’s challenging to explain and recognize. The last disruption at this scope was computers. After Castpoints, the next will be the Singularity.

If there is anything I can do to help you with systems design, please let me know! If you would like to help make effective entrepreneur a commodity, please let me know.


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