Why? “Google Shuts Down Maps Coordinate, Its Mobile Workforce Management Service”

This sounds like a good idea…

…tool for managing mobile workforces with the help of mobile apps and a web-based dashboard. Using Maps Coordinate, businesses could track and dispatch their mobile employees, whether they were truck drivers, pizza delivery guys or plumbers.

But for some reason did not pan out. Why? Seems like “…we’ll focus on helping customers deliver location information via our Maps APIs and shift away from selling any non-Maps API products.”

Sounds like there was not enough integration to make it useful. It’s easy to engender 1 motivated person. It’s very challenging to engender 1,000 motivated people, without invoking an external threat. People are different. Evolution’s way is a highly integrated peer 2 peer system. People need their own local environment / foundation / resources and response-ability to do what they do best, while interacting response-ably with non local entities.

You can have the greatest node / agent / whatever, but if it’s not connected with anything, it only has local value. And if the node is too connected, it can’t get anything done. This also shows why the intelligence of a network is mainly in the connections, not the nodes / agents. If an agent has intelligence, it likely has a lot of internal connections. So either the boundary of the node is too broad, or else it’s a larger scale node housing a network of smaller nodes and connections.


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