Universal notifications and alerts can be simple to manage

The current issues according to New Alerting Channels Have Proliferated But Challenges Remain

  • Changing technology; outdated tech; users that don’t Use new tech
  • Buying the right solution from many
  • Low sign up rates
  • No pre and post disaster communication.

This is all due to lack of integration. Nobody wants to sign up to a service for the weather, then earthquakes, then local police activity, potential flood conditions at a rental a town away, then add everything related to grandma.

The only system that will end up getting use is one that’s very integrated. Then I know and can trust where the alert is from. Alerts can be grouped so I can just subscribe to a towns usual basic alerts.

2 way, and multi way communication means I can interact with the source of the alerts, and or watch communication. This is a way for the issuer to answer questions without having to repeat info.

What about being notified that an alert is getting close. Gradation to prepare is important.

Role based so alerts don’t go to me personally, they go to my whole group so they can be managed by anyone in my group. Castpoints does all this and more.


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