Screen shots of Castpoints: Roles, trend visualization, ROI comparison, best practice suggestions

Home screen. Please keep in mind this is for use in disasters so things need to be simple and useable on a small cell phone browser.

An event’s home screen. Summaries of all resources are visible.


How about visualizing trends of aggregated resources? The spark lines show [months, weeks, days, hours]. Weekly rates of change are on the right.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 8.13.55 AM

A role’s home screen. Notice its just a fractal of the home screen. All the spark lines are here too with a click of the % symbol. This is visible to all members of the role. Excellent situational awareness.

role home

Because everything is in a classification, search results provide context. Click any part of the classification (Biomes, Savana Trees, sub groups) to navigate different scopes.

Tags can be anything in the form of Label, Value (optional), Units (optional). Like everything else, they have a visibility scope of local role, role classification, event, and public. None are mutually exclusive. Examples:

  • Locations > Continents > Coasts > Airports > SFO
    • Control tower temp 88 °F
    • Control tower humidity 35%
  • Biomes > Savana > trees
    • Coast oaks
    • Life oaks
  • Education > School districts > Schools > Happy Valley > 3rd grad > Room 13
    • Present
    • Absent with temp 101 °F
    • Absent coughing

As the data is entered, it is automatically aggregated up in scope. The individual weather data points at the parent role now have a max, min, average, standard deviation. The savanna now has a 45 coast oaks and 24 live oaks. A map of absent kids, and the reasons why, can be seen at any scope, all while preserving privacy.

Every item has an ROI rank. The input costs and income are known, so ROI is obvious. ROI is ranked so that things in different classifications can be directly compared.

search tags

Because everything is in a classification, its trivial to request notifications about anything and any scope.  Notice the TRIGGER option. Any number of notifications can be linked based on any condition.


Another thing that can be automatic are suggestions. Castpoints keeps track of aggregate event, role, role classification, service, task and allocation statistics. Every day CP can compare your stuff with what other (aggregated)  proven high ROI events, roles, role classifications, services, and tasks and suggest specific action. These suggestions can be automatic. In other words, between suggestions and triggers, your event provides and automates much of the context necessary to get stuff done according to proven high ROI methods.


Say you want to know the status of everything in your event? At the event level click on “Statuses” and you get something like this. Pretty cool! If there is in intruder, any leader can ping every other leader to update their status and location. Within seconds, everyone and police can know where a problem is and is not. School children can immediately be moved away from the area of trouble.statusHere with visualized trends. Since Castpoints is organized fractally, every role has a similar visualization.



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