More competition: be-novative vs Castpoints Innovation boosting and full-cycle management platform for visionary companies.

  • Motivate your employees to share high-impact ideas, evaluate them and manage the full cycle of your innovation process like an exponential organization. CP manages the full cycle of commerce.
  • All in one platform. Excellent!
  • “Combines gamification with crowdsourcing to leverage the creativity of the crowds and facilitate an innovation culture.” Good.
  • “Excellent ideas from sources outside of your company” But are thy compensated?
  • “Manage the full cycle of the innovation processes. …globally unique approach that combines psychology and innovation methodologies…” Good.
  • “…The best proposals are validated by innovation teams and an expert-group inside the organization who democratically rate priorities to ensure a strategic fit.” What makes those groups “expert”? Democracy, majority rule, is a poor way to make decisions.
  • The vast majority of ideas are far from “disruptive”.
  • “Give commendations and award users according to their Innovation Performance Index (based on energy, inspiration, implementation and leadership dimension) and offer redeemable points'” That’s a lot of overhead with assigning value. CP’s values things emergently.
  • 4 cost of use levels, and limits. CP has 2 cost levels, free, and a small transaction fee if the event is paying dividends.
  • Its ~integrated with Facebook. Ugh. Please, do your own thing!
  • Value is kept track by “points”. I can’t easily find what points are worth? How many do people get to play with? What is the float?
  • “The maximum Innovation Performance Index limit you can achieve is 10.000.” Why 5 significant figures? There appear to be 9 levels. Lots of arbitrary and complex stuff here.

So I made a free account, made a card, and now have to wait for the innovation team. Why do I have to wait for others to get stuff done??!! I’m now evaluating “impact and feasibility” on a coffee mug. What makes my input have a any value at all?

Its a good try, and its really nice they are doing stuff. But it does not appear the main problems have been addressed: what is the scarce unit of exchange, how are things organized, what feedback is required so that things are self adapting.

In some ways this is similar to, one of the first prediction markets. Neither are integrated enough so that emergent properties can come to life.


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