Finally, a partial competitor: Martin Armstrong: Forecast Your Own Business

… send in the data on the sales and expenses of your business and receive forecasting reports with time and price targets to assist you in preparing for what lies ahead. We will be able to provide forecasting arrays, projections, and even reversals on your own business. Never before has such a service been provided for any company big or small with time-tested modeling.

Competition is great! Although I have not met him, from what I know, I highly respect Mr Armstrong. This effort seems to be focused on situational awareness, while Castpoints focuses on practical implementation. CP has proven suggestions that can be automatically implemented without human analysis.

We will also be providing capital flow analysis on a daily basis. You will be able to see the flows globally as Socrates tracks the dynamic flows internationally.

Castpoints will also offer capital flow info. We will see how this manifests in practical terms.

This is an exciting development!


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