Complex adapting classification system

This is the heart of Castpoints. Science is usually a simple concept associated with lots of vocabulary to manipulate the concept which ultimately provides complex presentations of stuff.

The concept of an atom is simple: groups of protons, electrons, neutrons. The vocabulary is called chemistry. The presentation is our material universe. The complexity comes at the end of the process, not at the beginning. The beginning just states 3-4 initial conditions.

People use different forms of taxonomy to map out what goes on in the middle to facilitate understanding and relationships. Things get grouped and organized. Chemistry uses the periodic chart.

Classification defines a scope that includes resources, location, and time.

A major problem with the internet is that information is not organized and has little context. We should be able to click on a few links to find stuff just as easily as using a traditional search engine.

Say we want a “top rated children story about castles”. Here are the top 3 hits right now:

Not so helpful. Castpoints is more like this:
(Simplified, and numbers are ROI rank)

  • Kids > Text > Stories > Castles
    • Morgan’s Old English Adventure, 90%
    • Castles, Dragons, and Hobbits, Oh my! 85%
    • Sean’s Horse Quest, 80%
    • 3 Sub-taxa

That’s a ton of info! And if we are not in the right place, just a click up or down on the hierarchy might get us there.

Classification is critical for Castpoints:

  • Defines the thing, and its its relationships.
  • Keep track of local values like money in and money out of an area which gives ROIs.
  • Other resources in and out, which gives costs per time, deprecation, utilization, etc.
  • Localization so that vastly different groups can coexist and be compared directly.
  • Real time and self adjusts to market conditions with no editors.
    • Anyone with an ROI rank above 80% can add to classifications.
    • Classifications that are not used are pruned every month.

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