Best money: Ownership and Joules (nature’s currency)

Good money is gold. Great money is a piece of what consistently adds value.

Internally, CP uses Joules as value units. Users can view value in any units. They just indicate the price and units of local electricity.

  • kWh are a stable world standard
  • No currency risk
  • Don’t have to keep track of 10 major currencies, 100 minor ones and 1,000’s of scripts.

The main thing about a currency is to know who owns the float because that’s who makes the rules. In CP people own themselves and this is represented by people owning their own shares.

Events offer tradable and dividend-able ownership which is expressed as a fraction of “100”. “I want to buy 87 nano % of Morning Cafe”. Events are securitized. They can simply be “1,000 oz of gold”. Or “1 trillion USD”. Or “My cul-de-sac”. Or, “Jennifer Smith”

Float is then autonomous. So company owners don’t have to manage it (most are not good at that). And the aggregate float of all events is also autonomous. So govs can’t manipulate that in their favor. Castpoints conservatively suggests when people should be trading in

The result is the whole monetary system pleases everyone and works just like stock markets which are easily understood.

This is a great example of emergence. CP is able to combine all the kinds and purposes of “currency” with all the kinds and purposes of “stock and commodity (any) markets” in a simple system that works for everyone and anything.


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