is doing something similar to Castpoints

My comment on their “psuedo-white-paper

Hi! Great to see your efforts!! (Thanks to Matt Schutte!) I am working on solving similar problems. Castpoints takes a more organizational and practical approach though. It codified evolution so that anyone can solve any problem.

Our work has many similarities! Nature based, peered, things expire, elegant initial conditions producing lots of fun emergence. And meaning!

CEPTAR’s “Carrier protocol” is like what I term “taxa”. Everything has a taxa which defines the thing, provides relationship and context, and stores info about the thing like cost, ROI, lifespan, etc.

Lets look at money
Ricardian contracts, block chains, etc., have a number of problems. The necessity to employ them stems partly from the desire to mitigate dishonesty. (Root word > ethos > nature.) All of these situations are a symptom of indirect communication.

Consider a vastly simpler method of directly managing value. (When things are direct, dishonesty does not pay well.)

Good money is gold. Great money is a piece of what/who consistently adds value. In Castpoints, every endeavor or group is an “Event”. All events have fractional ownership that can pay dividends.

Internally, CP uses Joules. kWh are a stable world standard and allows people to easily view value in local units. There is no currency risk in Castpoints.

Ownership is expressed as a fraction of “100”. “I want to buy 87 nano % of Morning Cafe”.
Events are securitized. They can simply be “1,000 oz of gold”. Or “1 trillion USD”. Or “My cul-de-sac”. Or, “Jeff Fitzmyers”
Float is then autonomous. So company owners don’t have to manage it (most are not good at that). And the aggregate float of all events is also autonomous. So govs can’t manipulate that in their favor.
The end result is the whole monetary system pleases everyone (that is not dishonest), and works just like stock markets which are easily understood.
This elegant emergence of simplicity happens with conflict resolution, trading goods and work, valuing and using content, information and decisions. CP securitizes anything via any browser, maximizes future freedom, minimizes uncertainty, and is fun.

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