Presentation deck and video

Slide presentations (ppt)
CP Deck Dec 25 2015
Prepare for emergency situations at schools, including active shooter. (NOV 2015)
9 slide simple deck. (2014)
45 slide full deck. (2014)

Successful Googler and BitCoin developer Mike Hearn talking about “TradeNet”. It’s similar to Castpoints! Nice to get some verification!

3 min Pitch for Castpoints proactively helping with school emergencies

Decisions & relationships are the system

How Castpoints is on the cutting edge of AI

Best intro yet

A note about me and all the other founder(~s)

Castpoints demo

Uber shows how not to price services. How they can easily fix their pricing model. (4.6 min) Shows CP’s supply and demand orders a bit.


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