Cost, privacy and (network) reputation

Up until now, almost everyone but you owns everything you put on the net. That’s why advertising is a dominant business plan. Other’s 10 pages of “privacy policy” often boil down to: they own your stuff, and you have zero privacy. How can you make money from your content if you don’t own it. This is not rocket science.

Consequences: info providers interests are aligned with advertisers, who’s interests are aligned to sellers. Nothing wrong with commerce: life requires trading. But the current iteration is indirect, and so not in the original value adder’s interest. When you own your own work, transactions by definition, become direct, and often more localized because projection of power can be expensive. Many say private property is a primary basis of prosperity. So…

CP gets paid only when an event is successful enough it pays dividends. Then CP charges a small transaction fee. This is the only fee CP ever charges for anything. CP help participants directly make money, not third parties, so CP’s and members best interests should always be directly aligned.

  • No cookies – you are not tracked.
  • You own your stuff.
  • Events own thier aggregate stuff. If you don’t like how this data is used, leave the event.
  • CP owns aggregated event data so that we can provide transparency and context.
  • CP only records IP addresses if they are misbehaving. Otherwise we don’t even use traffic capturing software (soon anyway). Who cares? What matters: win-win transactions and happy participants.

Your actions are recorded in the news feed, but your data is localized to the roles and role categories you participate in, unless you choose otherwise. Your role mates can see some of your info, but that is normal in any organization: you want to know who is around you and what they are doing. Basic situational awareness.

NetReps allow you to distribute access to your info with a fine grained accuracy. What you accountant needs is very different than what your friends need.

text, text, text, text.
Thanks, Julie


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