Valuing Non Scarce Resources

Use a value based rating system with feedback. People select categories to post their valuable content based on supply and demand and estimated ROI. Marc Stiegler’s 1999 science fiction book, Earthweb, coined “castpoints” as a way for humans to manage billions of real time suggestions dealing with incoming marauding aliens. He graciously gave permission to use the term “Castpoints”.

“…how do you spot a good idea or a good forecast? Obviously, you make people put their money where their mouths are. Let them back a forecast with real bucks, and the serious ones will go for it, while the rest just hang out in the chat rooms. No muss, no fuss. No debating. No mediocre compromises.” — Marc Stiegler

  • Posters of valuable content earn money and build reputation.
  • Those who successfully challenge non-truths, or posting of stolen property, get paid.
  • Valuable content is automatically promoted to higher levels of visibility and revenue by others – because it’s profitable to all involved.
  • Real time supply and demand info highlights what the market values so content posters can deploy resources efficiently, while content consumers can narrow their focus.
  • Deterrents and amends result from contractual consequences, not fiat force.
  • People actually want advertisers to participate. People will either be informed of valuable products, or get some of an advertiser’s cost to post.
  •  Most variables self configure based on supply and demand.

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