Castpoints annotated contract

Current contract

No contract unless you understand, agree, and freely participate.

“Force” is not used, only agreements, which are enforced.

~”Do all you agree to do. Respect (avoid harming or interfering) people and their property.” Make amends quickly, or be challenged. ~ Richard Maybury

Mind your own business and don’t agree to stuff you don’t want to to do.

CP makes money only if you make money first. If event pays dividends, transaction fee is currently XXX pico share. (non-refundable)

I would like to take credit for this, but can’t. It was inspired. The old business plan was more complicated. A business plan of selling 3rd party ads is inefficient. Where is that found in nature? CP’s best interests are always 100% aligned with every participant.

Privacy: No cookies. You own your data. Events own their aggregate data. CP uses the bare min to run servers.

Prosperity and freedom comes from private property. We don’t want to  be responsible for anyone else stuff. Our sole focus is stewarding others to add value. That can’t be done via theft.

Changes may occur at any time. (link to news.)

We try to give as much advanced warning as possible.

Data only released via confirmed subsidiarity request.

CP doesn’t give out any personal info, nor aggregate info, because CP doesn’t own it: it’s not CP’s to give. We honor agreements we have with local subsidiarity’s. Specifically, we don’t have agreements with law based tax regimes because they act as parasites (force) not as partners (agreements).  Correct taxation “use fees” are built into CP.

Specific info deleted after 3 months months of inactivity. Aggregate info deleted when event expires.

Nature takes in, transforms, acts, then excretes. Relaxing and letting go of the past are critical to happiness, productivity, and freedom. This does not mean the past is forgotten, just that the experiencer of past events gets to assign meaning to them. This meaning can change as the person changes. In other words, the stupid stuff posted on current social media, that seemingly never goes away, can’t be used to negate a person’s current talents and reputation.


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