We Are Not Here To Do What’s Already Been Done.

Castpoints.com helps everyone profit from what they love to do, partly via low cost, yet expert feed back, and partly just helping organize and prioritize, even proactively suggest best practices while keeping privacy intact.

For example if you are trying to understand the best course of action about a decision, CP offers contextual options ranked by probable return on investment.

As Cyd Harrell said, “A typical city website today is ABOUT the city, but the site should BE the city, doing the people’s business online.” In other words, just using CP for the stuff you normally do anyway, improves your life and others’ lives, without being responsible for other’s.

Finally you can easily:

  • Monetize your reputation and your content — because YOU own it!
  • Safely interact with big organizations.
  • Make money from challenging fraudsters.
  • Make money from your content.
  • Find out what you are best at with little risk.
  • Find top ranked resources, not just what advertisers want you to see.
  • Not worry about pricing your goods and services. CP automates that so you get the best price.
  • Not worry about marketing. Just offer a royalty. Others who are good at marketing will promote your stuff at the lowest cost to you — and without risk to you.

What’s going on?
Castpoints integrates ALL marketplaces. This took 15 years of work. The only difference between one market and another is context. And once integrated, amazing properties emerge. For example, the MVP is a proactive emergency management system for schools. CP CUTS EXPERT RESPONSE TIME TO LESS THAN 10 SECONDS.

Castpoints must be a huge unwieldy database, right? The opposite. CP manages context, not content. There are no arbitrary settings. Castpoints is the “process of evolution codified for practical use”. So everything scales and self configures, including prices, based on supply and demand, just like nature. Castpoints easily organizes and monetizes anything from one-off outliers to the entire Internet Of Things.

Will this work? Castpoints is based on the proven, industry standard, role based Incident Command System (ICS). A reason why ICS works so well is it basically mimics nature. Castpoints simply extends ICS’s framework. In other words, the Castpoints MVP is initially targeting the $80 billion emergency management market with a product that has minuscule overhead, costs users 99% less than they pay now, reduces response time 95%, dramatically reduces liability, and can be used by anyone, not just EMS professionals.

Integrated markets engender amazing properties!

  • People are ~25% more productive, groups ~100%.
  • Great conflict resolution (no “moderation”).
  • Content & reputation are easily monetized.
  • Ads are used to connect different markets. Once integrated, traditional advertising no longer has value and fade.
  • Automatic &  transparent pricing, supply, demand.
  • Fees drop 90%.
  • Ubiquitous proven best practices available.
  • Arbitrage opportunities are obvious.
  • Fraud costs money.
  • Rankings can’t be gamed.
  • Many uncertainties fade.

By version 1.5, CP will be effectively connecting and managing any number and scale, of: people, goods, services, work, info, outliers, Internet Of Things, and locations, all based on proven ROI. CP auto-suggests next steps also based on proven ROI’s. And pricing is automatically dynamic. People just make an order with a start and stop time, and max or min price.

Competition / similar projects
WeChat: China’s Integrated Internet User Experience 800 million users. CP is vastly more integrated though. 10+ Paradigm DisruptionsBut, But, But… CP can’t work because

CP will be the new epicenter for  investment opportunities: opportunities are blatantly obvious, with a constant transparent ROI readout, and anyone can participate.


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